Industrial Metrology

Metrology is defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) as "the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology". 

FBK-3DOM is involved in various 3D optical metrology projects with the goal of providing innovative 3D inspection and monitoring solutions leveraging the latest research and development methods - also based on AI - for:

We apply different metrological techniques, mainly based on photogrammetry and range imaging, structured light, laser scanning, multi-view photometric stereo and thermal imaging. We integrate and develop innovative sensors and techniques upon state of the art methods also integrating artificial intelligence to deal with:

Within various project with private companies, we applied precise and reliable measurements - based on close-range photogrammetry or triangulation laser scanning - for monitoring, manufacturing, quality control, inspection and product development. 

Optical metrology methods are exploited to integrate their main functionalities (centroid measurement, photogrammetric network design, bundle adjustment, precision assessment, etc.) into a pipeline for 3D inspection and quality control. Metrological standards (e.g. VDI/VDE guidelines) are also followed. 

Funding: Private companies, Fondazione CARITRO

Partners: EOPTIS, AXIST, ProM Facility, Lincotek, Bottero, Glassform