Automation in photogrammetric 3D reconstruction

Automated image-based 3D reconstruction methods are everyday flooding our 3D modelling applications. Fully automated solutions give more and more the impression that from a sample of randomly acquired images we can derive nice-looking 3D models. Although the level of automation is reaching very high standards, image quality is a fundamental pre-requisite to produce successful and photo-realistic 3D products, in particular when dealing with large datasets of images. This research investigates: (i) the pre-processing phase related to colour enhancement, image denoising, colour-to-grey conversion and image content enrichment, (ii) the tie point extraction phase with the various operators and (iii) the dense matching step with all the different methods. The various evaluations and assessments prove the potentialities and open issues of close-range photogrammetry for 3D reconstruction purposes.

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Funding: internal