Autonomous MonitorIng and COntrol System for mining plants


AMICOS (Autonomous MonitorIng and COntrol System for mining plants) is a European project funded by the EIT Raw Materials which aims to design an innovative end-to-end solution composed by three main concepts: (i) innovative physical devices deployed and used in the field, which are able to collect sensitive information regarding the typical (costly) operations in mines, (ii) a set of tools able to integrate heterogeneous source of data and (iii) a list of smart services able to provide extended benefits to the mining ecosystem considering real use cases and needs presented from end-users (mines entities in the consortium).  AMICOS will develop a framework of solutions, including a Decision Support System (DSS), for autonomous monitoring and control of industrial raw materials plants.  The project leverages on the use of mapping and inspection techniques based on remote sensing, UAVs and UGVs data to allow monitoring and analyses optimisation, manual inspection reduction, effective and enhanced data collection increase and to facilitate the retrofitting to acquire additional and targeted sensing information. The project framework will also uses an off-the-shelf Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concepts to securely funnel the sensed data to the DSS and enable for the needed data collection, storage and processing for the different configured business needs.

Official project website:

Running period: 2020-2022

Partners: FBK (Italy), ArcelorMittal Innovación, Investigación e Inversión S.L. (Spain), Atlantic Copper S.L.U. (Spain), KGHM Polska Miedz Spólka Akcyjna (Poland), LTU Business (Sweden), Politechnika Wroclawska (Poland), SpacEarth Technology (Italy), UAV Autosystems Hovering Solutions (Spain), WorldSensing (Spain).

Funding:  EIT Raw Material