3D Optical Metrology unit

The 3DOM research unit of FBK Trento is actively involved in accurate 3D measurements and reality-based 3D reconstruction problems. A consolidate know-how has been acquired in the development of metrology solutions and 3D mapping methodologies for geomatics and geospatial problems. Terrestrial, UAV, aerial and satellite photogrammetry as well as triangulation and time-of-flight laser scanners are the sources from where we derive 3D metric and accurate information. The research group is devoted to industrial metrology, geospatial data analyses, sensor and data integrations, environmental monitoring, 3D change detection, derivation of metric & semantic information from images and 3D data, mapping and surveying, geomatics algorithms design and implementation, mobile mapping and SLAM, GIS and cartography applications, cultural heritage documentation & digital preservation, development of VR/AR solutions.

The 3DOM research group focuses on the development, validation and optimization of solutions for 3D data generation and interpretation, automation of photogrammetric methods, SLAM methods, fusion of data and sensors, VR/AR solutions as well as the development of new data processing pipelines.

 Research topics include also the realization, characterisation and investigation of passive and active sensors for metrology applications. 

3DOM is part of the Digital Industry centre of FBK.

3D Optical Metrology for...

Industrial inspection, engineering applications, digital twin, monitoring of structures and infrastructures, 3D point cloud classification, heritage documentation & valorization, health applications, creative industry, environmental monitoring, VR/AR, 3D recording of natural and man-made scenarios, deformation analyses, 3D printing, automotive, naval and aircraft industry, city modelling and planning, landscape management, etc.