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Automation in image orientation and dense point cloud reconstruction is reaching very high standards, but image quality is a fundamental pre-requisite to produce successful and photo-realistic 3D products. We investigate a productive pre-processing strategy, the various detector/descriptor operators for tie point extraction and dense matching algorithms to find out all open issues in the actual photogrammetric pipeline for 3D reconstruction purposes.

The project aims to improve the governance of energy efficiency (EE) in existing public buildings and reduce energy consumption in different central European areas, especially those less advanced in low carbon approach. For this purpose a OnePlace platform, embedding a 3D energy management system, will be developed and tested in the various pilot areas of the project.

Dynamic Light is an Interreg - Central Europe project which focusses on reduction of CO2-emissions and enhancement of energy efficiency in public lighting. The project will demonstrate the process of how a city can implement energy efficient lighting starting from the 3D models, GIS data mining and analyses, simulation, strategy development, financial models, procurement rules, implementation and evaluation.

GRAPHOS is an ISPRS Scientific Initiative for the realization of an "All-Purpose Open-Source Photogrammetric Tool". The initiative aims to develop a common multi-purpose framework that integrates recent researches, algorithms and developments in all phases of the photogrammetric workflow.

We applied precise and reliable measurements - based on photogrammetry or active sensing - to manufacturing, quality control, inspection and product development.

The activity analyzes the potential of multispectral imaging for various applications fields. Particularly, terrestrial and UAV acquisitions are acquired and processed in the heritage and agricultural field to derive "invisible" information useful for better investigations, restoration, precision farming, etc.

The project aims to investigate the potentialities of oblique aerial camera systems for building 3D reconstruction, cadaster applications, structural damage classification, land administration services, etc.

Classification and segmentation of 3D data is nowadays a very active research field. Methods try to provide enriched 3D information useful in many fields and applications. We are developing methodologies useful in various fields (city modeling, heritage, autonomous driving, etc.), exploiting modern machine learning methods.

VirtualArch will contribute to a sustainable use and protection of non-visible and little known archaeological heritage underground or submerged by increasing the capacities of public heritage actors to protect, valorize and communicate such sites. The project will rely on innovative visualization approaches and methods such as 3D models and Virtual Reality (VR) tools.

The project aims to improve automated 3D reconstruction methods via vision metrology solutions. We want to demonstrate a step towards narrowing the gap between traditional Vision Metrology (VM) approaches and fully automated 3D reconstruction methods.

VOLTA – innoVation in geOspatiaL and 3D daTA - is an EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE which will develop, thought secondments, training and networking activities, innovative solutions in the field of photogrammetry, data / sensor fusion, semantic segmentation and cloud computing for geospatial data. VOLTA has 13 partners and will run for 4 years.