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Etruschi in 3D & Multimedia Exhibitions

Etruschi in Europe is a multimedia journey through the facts and mysteries of this fascinating civilization of the Etruscan. The exhibition, coordinated and realized by Historia, features high quality reality-based 3D reconstructions and virtual tours of many of the most beautiful Etruscan tombs and artefacts created by the 3DOM unit of FBK. Some of the multimedia contents have been produced in collaboration with Graphitech and NoReal.
A real innovating "hands on" lasting experience which is travelling in Europe....

Viterbo (Italy), 24 October 2015 - 4 May 2016

Experience Etruria, a project to bring people to Etruria.....


Promo video with FBK-3DOM 3D model of the Reliefs Tomb in Cerveteri:


Stockholm (Sweden), 11 February - 2 September 2012
Medelhavsmuseet (Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities) - More than 100,000 visitors...

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- Video of the exhibition:

Trento (Italy), 10 Sept 2011 - 9 Jan 2012, Museo tridentino di scienze naturali (actual MUSE)


The exhibition in Trento featured ca 9 000 visitors (an average of 11 000/year for the museum).

News of the exhibition:

Bruxelles (Belgium), 9 Ott 2010 - 24 Apr 2011, Musee du Cinquantenaire


The exhibition in Bruxelles featured 25 000 visitors.

Promo of the exhibition:

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