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The importance of heritage 3D recording and documentation with active and passive sensors is well recognized at international level. The continuous development of new sensors, data capture methodologies and multi-resolution 3D representations, contributes significantly to the digital 3D documentation, mapping, conservation and representation of cultural and natural heritages and to the growth of research in this field.

Current and closed projects under this research line are listed below.


VirtualArch will contribute to a sustainable use and protection of non-visible and little known archaeological heritage underground or submerged by increasing the capacities of public heritage actors to protect, valorize and communicate such sites. The project will rely on innovative visualization approaches and methods such as 3D models and Virtual Reality (VR) tools.

The project deals with the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in Cultural Heritage field. Various solutions are created and deployed in the heritage field for museums and exhibitions.