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Remote sensing is offering many sensors and techniques to observe and monitor our planet with very high frequency and resolution. We investigate methods and develop solutions for image-based multi-temporal analyses like landslide monitoring, landscape analyses, rapid mapping, etc.

Current and closed projects under this research line are listed below.

The project aims to produce an accurate, detailed and photo-realistic 3D model of the 3 Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen / Three Peaks) in the Dolomites, Italy. The model will be used for geological analyses and visualization purposes.

AMICOS (Autonomous MonitorIng and COntrol System for mining plants) is a European project funded by the EIT Raw Materials. AMICOS supports the digital transformation of the RM industry by proposing an innovative end-to-end asset management solution, based on a Decision Support System and remotely sensed data, to increase the market penetration/adoption of digital technology in the mining sector. AMICOS provides a great opportunity to gain market share by exploiting emerging technologies (IoT, drones/UAVs, Artificial Intelligence, BIM, etc.) to reduce the costs for key operations and allow a safer working environment.

The project aims to improve the governance of energy efficiency (EE) in existing public buildings and reduce energy consumption in different central European areas, especially those less advanced in low carbon approach. For this purpose a OnePlace platform, embedding a 3D energy management system, will be developed and tested in the various pilot areas of the project.

The project aims to develop a quick, low-cost and efficient image-based methodology to update large scale maps of urban and rural areas starting from helicopter images.

CENTRIC (Centre for ExcelleNce in TerRItorial management and Cadastre) aims - in the long term - at the realization of the new Centre of Excellence on territorial management and cadastre in Romania. The future Centre will focus on related domains of great relevance, such as: 3D/4D geospatial data, linked geospatial data, land classification, remotely sensed data, mapping, etc. CENTRIC is funded under the EU H2020 Framework Programme - WIDESPREAD-2014-1 TEAMING.

CIEM (Cartographic Information Extraction and Management) deals with the automated extraction of geo-referenced data for a large variety of applications like urban and environmental planning, environmental monitoring, emergency assessment, change detection analyses, etc.

Dynamic Light is an Interreg - Central Europe project which focusses on reduction of CO2-emissions and enhancement of energy efficiency in public lighting. The project will demonstrate the process of how a city can implement energy efficient lighting starting from the 3D models, GIS data mining and analyses, simulation, strategy development, financial models, procurement rules, implementation and evaluation.

The project investigates the potential of high-resolution satellite imagery (WorldView, GeoEye, Pleiades, etc.) for mapping purposes. A testfield over the city of Trento has been realized to evaluate the potential of such images and the performances of processing solutions.

The project (LandslidE MOnitoriNg And Data intEgration) focuses on mass movements and particularly on landslides. LEMONADE, funded by EUREGIO, will consider and integrate different platforms (satellite, UAV, land-based), sensors (imaging, ranging, radar, etc.), techniques (photogrammetry, laser scanning, etc.) and algorithms to deliver an innovative fusion methodology applicable also to other application fields.

The project aims to process old aerial images from the period 1942-1945 over the Trentino region in order to derive 3D information and analyze the changes with the actual situation.