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It's the science of retrieving precise and reliable metric information from images. 3DOM investigates all the open issues in photogrammetry: oblique aerial cameras, automated image orientation, dense image matching, feature extractions, 3D model generation, automated inspection and control, etc.

Current and closed projects under this research line are listed below.


The airborne market for area-wide 3D data acquisition is experiencing a noticeable trend towards a hybrid mapping concept. Indeed many airborne data collections are increasingly be performed by a combination of active and passive sensors. We investigate the latest developments in the field of airborne hybrid systems, including both data acquisition and processing.

The project wants to realize a methodology to integrate 3D surveying data with IR imaging to metrically evaluate heatis looses from building facades.

The project aims to process old aerial images from the period 1942-1945 over the Trentino region in order to derive 3D information and analyze the changes with the actual situation.

The project aims to investigate the potentialities of oblique aerial camera systems for building 3D reconstruction, cadaster applications, structural damage classification, land administration services, etc.

REPLICATE - cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation - will develop a multi-user, 3D-acquisition platform that can transform the real-world into new forms of creative-assets. REPLICATE is funded under the EU H2020 ICT-19-2015 call.

Classification and segmentation of 3D data is nowadays a very active research field. Methods try to provide enriched 3D information useful in many fields and applications. We are developing methodologies useful in various fields (city modeling, heritage, autonomous driving, etc.), exploiting modern machine learning methods.

3D city and landscape models are used to estimate the incoming solar radiation and evaluate the quality of the roofs as possible locator of photovoltaic panels.

Spherical photogrammetry uses spherical images and photogrammetric methods to survey and reconstruct in 3D various scenarios. The research deals with the automated orientation of spherical images before applying interactive restitution and 3D reconstructioons.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms (or RPAS - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) are nowadays a valuable source of data for inspection, surveillance, mapping and 3D modeling issues. UAVs can be considered as a low-cost alternative to the classical manned aerial photogrammetry, so new applications in the short- and close-range domain are introduced. The project investigates accuracy and automation in the triangulation and 3D reconstruction pipeline with UAV images.

The project is an interdisciplinary work based on optical metrology and 3D reverse engineering techniques in the maritime field for the support of shipbuilding firms, naval architects and designers. Geometric investigations of consumer-grade underwater cameras are also considered.