Etruscan Tombs Collection

Tomb of the Reliefs

Panoramic image of the interior of the tomb. Go to the complete Panoramic Virtual Tours of the Etruscan Tombs.

TOF laser scanning

Lens Nikkor 14-24mm
Leica Scan Station 2
DSLR Camera Nikon D3X

Combined TOF scanning and photogrammetric surveys were carried out to obtain the complete 3D model. The TOF range data were used to derive the geometry of the tomb, while the panoramic image was used to derive the photo-realistic high resolution texture.
In-house developed algorithms combined with commercial packages were used to generate a dense point cloud, that was triangulated to derive a mesh model.
A high resolution texture was generated.

High resolution 3D polygonal model with external texture for researches. Number of triangles: 1000000.

DESCRIPTION: The Banditaccia Necropolis is situated northwest of Cerveteri (Rome) and extends itself over around 400 hectares. The most ancient tombs date to the Villanovan period (IX century B.C.) , while the more recent date to the III century B.C. There are finds that testify to the different typologies of funerary practices. The necropolis of Cerveteri, along with Tarquinia, has been a UNESCO site since 2004. The name Banditaccia derives from the fact that from the end of the nineteenth century the area was 'bandita' (i.e. leased) by the landowners of Cerveteri in favour of the local population. The Tomb of the Reliefs, dated IV century B.C., is the most beautiful and well known tomb in Cerveteri, with the typical dromos leading to the entrance. Today the entrance is closed by a steel and glass door which allows to preserve the micro-climate conditions inside the tomb. Tourists are generally not allowed to enter this tomb.
DATE: IV century BC
LOCATION: Cerveteri - Banditaccia Necropolis, Piazzale Mario Moretti, 00052 Cerveteri Roma, Italy
CREDITS: Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici Etruria Meridionale, Historia, 3D-ICONS, FBK-3DOM
RIGHTS: Creative Commons - Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives (BY-NC-ND)

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