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The rich and diverse archaeological heritage of central Europe is in parts excellently developed and utilised. However, a broad share of this heritage, even of international importance, is very often hardly visible and tangible for the public and faces increasing menaces. The VirtualArch project unveils regional archaeological heritage – located underground or submerged, partly with global importance (UNESCO) – to local and regional stakeholders that are responsible for economic development. Project activities focus on the sustainable use and protection of non-visible and little known archaeological heritage by increasing the capacities of public actors and by introducing innovative visualisation approaches and methods (3D modeling, VR solutions, etc.).


The project, funded by Interreg Central Europe programme, has 10 full partners, 17 associate partners and 8 pilot areas to visualize and valorize. The project received funds from the Interreg Centraul Uerope programme (second call) under the priority "Natural and Cultural Heritage".

Project poster, roll-up and leaflet.

- News on the FBK Magazine about the Virtual Arch project (Jan 2018) and its final achievements in the Trentino area (June 2020)

Project poster presented at the 8th ISPRS/CIPA Int. 3D-ARCH workshop, Bergamo (Italy), Feb. 2019

- Project Int. Summerschool on "Heritage 3D Documentation and Visualization", Torun (Poland), 24-28 June 2019

- Stakeholder conference in Trento, Italy on "Digital Heritage: Economic value, technical trends and applications", 26 Sept 2019

- National TV news about the VirtualArch project

- Mobile app for the valorization of the Calisio Mount in Trento

- Video about the Calisio Mount valorization

- Project final video


- Archaeological Heritage Office of Saxony, Germany
- FBK Trento, Italy
- Museum of Natural History, Vienna (Austria)
- University of Torun (Poland)
- Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
- Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy)
- Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (Slovenia)
- Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia)
- Puck Town Municipality (Poland)
- City of Zadar (Croatia)

Interreg Central Europe
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