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TARGET-CE (Capitalizing and exploiting energy efficiency solutions throughout cooperation in Central European cities) aims to become an Energy Efficiency (EE) flagship in central European region, offering innovative solutions for public buildings on a unique web platform. TARGET-CE will capitalize past EE technical & non-technical solutions combining downstreaming and upstreaming activities for increasing EE and renewable energy usage in public buildings. These solutions come from 5 previously funded Interreg-CE projects, 2 H2020 and 1 Interreg-Europe project. They will be deployed to solve EE territorial challenges in 7 engaged Pilot Actions (1 cross-border), located in 6 Central Europe countries. 16 municipalities - with some 80 pilot buildings will be involved in the project activities. The offered outcomes will be all accessible within the past and enriched BOOSTEE-CE OnePlace platform ( which will become the hub for various EE problems and solutions.

Project Leaflet: English and Italian version

Project video: Project introduction and pilot actions

Project infographic: Who we are and what we do

Project newsletter: issue #1 (English, Italian)

April 2020 - March 2022

- Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy (FBK - Coordinator)
- Ugrupowani a Współpracy Terytorialnej NOVUM z o. o., Poland (EUWT-NOVUM)
- Mazowiecka Agencja Energetyczn a Sp. z o.o., Poland (MAE)
- Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna, Italy (UCBR)
- Zavod Energetska agencija za Savinjsko, Šaleško in Koroško, Slovenia (KSSSENA)
- Grad Split, Croatia (SPLIT)
- Weizer Energie- Innovations- Zentrum GmbH, Austria (WEIZ)
- SIPRO - Agenzia Provinciale per lo Sviluppo, Italy (SIPRO)

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