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The Law Code of Gortyna in 3D

The goal is the digital reconstruction of the law code of Gortyna (middle/late 5th century BC) for physical replica purposes. The code is the longest epigraphy text of the Greek civilization, it is ca 8x2 m long and contains letters with ca 2-3 mm depth. The 3D surveying and modeling is performed integrating photogrammetry and laser scanning at 0.3 mm geometric resolution.


Representative publications:

- Remondino, F., Girardi, S., Rizzi, A., Gonzo, L., 2009: 3D Modeling of complex and detailed Cultural Heritage using multi-resolution data. ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, Vol. 2(1)



1 year (2009)


Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)
Research topics: