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Dynamic Light

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The Dynamic Light ("Towards Dynamic, Intelligent and Energy Efficient Urban Lighting") project focusses on reduction of CO2-emissions and enhancement of energy efficiency in public lighting. Public lighting causes ca. 6% of the global CO2-emissions. Many conventional lighting need to be changed to energy efficient lights. However, public authorities lack a strategic approach to convert their lighting infrastructure. Moreover the current challenges of dynamic lighting are a missing legal framework for dynamic dimming of lights and higher initial costs compared to standard LED lights. Therefore municipalities hesitate to invest in dynamic lighting. But the uprising topic of light pollution and a necessary improvement of quality of public lighting brings dynamic lighting on the agenda, which can contribute to both: increase of energy efficiency AND quality of stay in city areas. The main objective of the project is to make a shift from municipal light infrastructure planning towards a modern energy efficient and demand-oriented lighting design and better light and energy management. The expected result is to get the best relation between highly energy efficient public lighting infrastructure and the quality of stay in urban areas through better light quality. This implies also to harmonize public lighting standards & norms to better meet social needs and make the application of dynamic lighting possible. With these aims in mind, the project will demonstrate the process of how a city can implement energy efficient lighting starting from the 3D city models, GIS data analyses and simulations, strategy development, financial models, procurement rules, implementation and evaluation. The project has 15 partners, including technical centres, municipalities and companies. FBK will contribute to the project in evaluation of social needs concerning dynamic light, considering the connection between light and security as well as light pollution, implementation of test pilots, monitor lighting situation with satellite and airborne imagery.

Please download the project summary and leaflet.

Project newsletter: issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, issue4 

Project events

- CE452 Dynamic Light Specialist Event, 28th of February 2018, Brussels, Belgium

- Transnational training courses in Cesena (Italy), 23-24 October 2018, Berlin (Germany), 5-6 November 2018, Pilsen (CZ), 29-30 November 2018

- National training courses in Mantova (Italy), 19 February 2019

- Final project conference, 25-26 March 2019, Wismar (Germany)

3 years
Interreg - Central Europe