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APSAT - Ambiente e Paesaggi dei Siti d'Altura del Trentino - is an interdisciplinary project which aims to document, survey, study, analyze and preserve mountainous and hill-top heritage sites located in the Trentino region (Italy). This includes a census with innovative methods of the hilltop sites of the whole of Trentino, a complete surveys of the ecosystems in some sample areas, a multidisciplinary analysis of the data collected that are able to reconstruct the evolution of the anthropic hilltom systems of the whole Trentino, an evalutation of the conservation’s state of the hilltop site’s cultural and environmental heritage, a realization of a webGIS with the datas’ census and a series of publications of reserach’s scientific results.


Representative publications:
- Rizzi, A., Baratti, G., Jimenez Fernandez-Palacios, B., Girardi, S., Remondino, F., 2011: 3D Recording for 2D delivering - The employment od 3D models for studies and analyses. Int. Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Vol. 38(5/W16), on CD-ROM. 4th ISPRS International Workshop "3D-ARCH 2011: "Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures", 2-5 March 2011, Trento, Italy

3 years (2008-2012)

University of Trento, University of Pauda, Buonconsiglio castle, Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina, IUAV University of Venice

Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)
Research topics: