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3D-ICONS is an EU project which brings together partners from across Europe with the relevant expertise to digitise architectural and archaeological monuments and buildings in 3D. The project is designed to (i) establish a complete pipeline for the production of 3D replicas of archaeological monuments and historic buildings which covers all technical, legal and organisational aspects, (ii) create 3D models and a range of other materials (images, texts and videos) of a series of internationally important monuments and buildings and (iii) provide content to Europeana library.


Project portal with 3D models:


Representative Publications:

- Remondino, F., Menna, F., Koutsoudis, A., Chamzas, C., El-Hakim, S., 2013: Design and implement a reality-based 3D digitisation and modelling project. Proc. IEEE Conference "Digital Heritage 2013", Vol. 1, pp. 137-144, 28 Oct - 1 Nov., Marseille, France

- Nicolae, C., Nocerino, E., Menna, F., Remondino, F., 2014: Photogrammetry applied to problematic artefacts. ISPRS Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Vol. XL-5, pp. 451-456

3 years (2012-2015)
EU ICT Policy Support Programme
Research topics: