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3D GIS for archaeological investigations of landscape interaction

Current information technology and software capabilities are ready to move beyond simple 3D recording and visualization, but few analytical tools linking GIS and 3D technologies have been developed for use on the web. This project explores potentially transformative technologies and actively links the fields of 3D modeling and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by creating and testing new analytical tools for 3D Web GIS environments. Experiments with touchless remote controller (Kinect) are also performed, in order to create a sense of spatial awareness and embodiment in the reconstructed 3D environment. The case study is the UNESCO heritage site of Copan (Honduras) where 3D Web GIS tools are used to investigate ancient human-environment interaction. The project is based upon the results achieved within the MayaArch3D project.


1 year (2012-2013)
The project is funded by the International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP) of the National Science Foundation (NSF), USA
Research topics: