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Ali Karami

  • SKYPE: Ali.karami.surveying
Short bio

• PhD. of Photogrammetry In "Fast and high-precision 3D inspection and monitoring of non-collaborative surfaces"  at 3DOM research unit, FBK Trento, Italy.(Since 2019 )

• M.Sc. of Photogrammetry at the K.N.Toosi University of Technology-Tehran-Iran. (2014-2017)

• B.Sc. of Surveying Engineering at the Public University of Tabriz. (2011-2013) B.Sc. 

• Associate’s Degree of Surveying at the Enghelāb-e Eslāmi Technical College- Tehran. (2009-2011). 

• Published Journal papers:

Ali HosseininavehAhmadabadian, R.Yazdan, A.Karami, M.Moradi, F.Ghorbani“Clustering and Selecting Vantage Images in a Low-Cost System for 3D Reconstruction of Texture-Less Objects”  - Measurement 99 (2017): 185-191.

Ali HosseininavehAhmadabadian, R.Yazdan, A.Karami, M.Moradi, F.Ghorbani“An Automatic 3D Reconstruction System for Texture-less Objects”  - Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal.(

 A. Karami , M. Varshosaz , M. Soryani “Using Textural Features in Frame Subtraction Method to Remove Car Shadows”  -  Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology 2017, 7(2): 181-199.

S. Khazaei , A. Karami“An Automated Method for Visual Camouflage of Targets with their Background using Greedy Algorithm” . Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology (2017), 7(2), 53-67.

Ali Karami, Mohsen Seriani, Masoud Varshosaz “Compensating Surveillance Camera Movements using Sequential Image Registration for Car Detection”- JGIT 2018, 5(4): 23-40 , DOI: 10.29252/jgit.5.4.23.

A. Karami , M. Varshosaz , M. Soryani “Removing Car Shadows Using Entropy and Euclidean Distance Features”  – Accepted in December 2018 at JGIT 2018 .

 Published Conference Papers:

A Hosseininaveh, R Yazdan, A Karami, M Moradi, F Ghorbani “A Low-cost and Portable System for 3D Reconstruction of Texture-less Objects.” - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences, at Iran, Kish (2015).

A. Karami, B. Sousouni, A. Hosseininaveh “A Novel Contactless Approach for Calculating Volumes of Objects”- The 1st National Conference on Geospatial Information Technology (NCGIT) At: Iran , Tehran  (2016)

A. Karami, M. Varshosaz, M. Soryani, M. Shokri, “A Comparison of Various Features in Image Registration in order to Compensate Extra Movement of Surveillance Cameras in Background Subtraction Methods” - The 2nd National Conference on Geospatial Information Technology (NCGIT) At: Iran , Tehran, (2017)

A. Karami, M. Varshosaz, M. Soryani, M. Shokri, “ceveloping a New Method for Car Detection Based on Color and Texture Features” - The 2nd National Conference on Geospatial Information Technology (NCGIT) At: Iran, Tehran, (2017)

 • Published book

Title “Application of photogrammetry in control and monitoring”, Published in Persian.

 • Iranian Patent

1. APortable System for Modeling Texture-Less Objects, International category (F16K).

2. AAn Automatic Imaging System in order to Reconstruct Texture-Less Objects, International category (H04N 13/00; A61B 6/00).

 • Working Experience: 

1. Designing an imaging system (Semi-automatic robot) to detect cracks and determine the percentage of rot on the surface of gas pipes

2. Designing a complete imaging package based on photogrammetry (consisted of methodology, programming, software and equipment) for soil nailing in excavation projects

3. MSc Student Supervisor of Photogrammetry Students - K. N. Toosi University of Technology

4. Land Surveyor (Road Construction Project, Construction surveying project)

 Teaching Experience

I had been taught following courses for three terms in three different universities as sessional lecturer (Photogrammetry 1, 2, 3, and 4, Analytical Photogrammetry, Applications of Photogrammetry, Advanced computer programming, Automation in surveying, Geodesy 1, Surveying 1–lab)



. Gain the third place in “the first international festival of inventions’ grand prize in Iran” among 1,823 participants (inventions)

Research interests
• 3D Modeling • Close-range photogrammetry • Robotic photogrammetry • 3D Modeling by Kinect • Reconstruction and restoration of objects and historic buildings • Computer Vision • Image processing (Segmentation classification change detection digital camouflage) • Intelligent transportation system • Vehicle / Shadow detection • Automatic identification of traffic violations
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