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Heritage Building Information Modelling (BIM / HBIM) are hot research topics for the management, conservation and restoration of as-build buildings. The PERISCOPE project - Portal for hERItage buildingS integration into the COntemPorary built Environment - aims to design and develop an innovative BIM platform for the identification, classification, documentation and renovation of heritage buildings. PERIsCOPE will enable the exploitation of state-of-the-art techniques in the scientific fields of Building Information Modelling (BIM), including remote sensing, terrestrial and aerial 3D modelling techniques, and non-destructive onsite testing. PERIsCOPE platform is addressing specific needs and challenges identified together with the project stakeholders (Town Planning and Housing Department, Department of Antiquities, Municipalities, public authorities and professionals) that have cultural and economic impact on the society.

The project is funded by the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation and it is lead by the Cyprus Institute.

  • The Cyprus Institute
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Frederick Research Center (FRC)
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Municipality of Strovolos
  • Limassol Municipality
  • NetU Consultants Ltd
  • HIT Hypertech Innovations
Research & Innovation Foundation, Cyprus
Research topics: