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Nowadays there is a growing demand for high quality spatial data, for efficient methods of sharing and updating geo-information and for a sustainable management of natural resources and energy. Focused policies at international level are promoting the adoption of advanced information technologies for delivering effective 3D data, new solutions and services to the citizens and public administrations. The market is ready for new spatial data but there are not many reliable services offered so far. SENECA (Smart and sustaiNablE City from Above) aims at developing a reliable methodology for the processing of aerial imagery for the derivation of high quality 3D data and energy audit. The partners will thus deliver innovative procedures and advanced solutions for the distribution of useful services to citizens and public administrations based on spatial information. Between the possible results and services we can list: estimation of the photo-voltaic potential of building roofs, calculation of houses heat losses, production of Building Information Models, environmental and natural resources estimation and management, etc.

Representative Publications:

- Nocerino, E., Toschi, I., Remondino, F., Revolti, A., Soria, G., Piffer, S., 2017: Geospatial data and geoinformatics technologies supporting smart city strategies - the SENECA project. Proc. RSCy 2017 Int. Conference, Limassol, Cyprus

- Toschi, I., Nocerino, E., Remondino, F., Revolti, A., Soria, G., Piffer, S., 2017: Geospatial data processing for 3D city model generation, management and visualization. ISPRS Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., Vol. XLII-1-W1, pp.  527-534. ISPRS Hannover Workshop


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