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Trento Citta' Fortezza

Project researchers

The project Trento Citta' Fortezza - Festung Trient - Trento City Fortress aims to create cartographic and multimedia products related to Trento City Fortress, ie the city of Trento fortified by the Austro-Hungarian army at the beginning of 1900 to defend it against a possible Italian attack. The project is based on an interdisciplinary work - coordinated by the FBK-3DOM researchers and some professors of the Pozzo high school in Trento - for the development of applications, labs and field works linked to subjects like surveying, history, design and construction.


The project wants also to transfer Geomatics and informatics knowledge to students of fourth classes, valorize the history and realize innovative products of interest to the territory.
The main objectives of the project are:
1. collect heterogeneous data regarding the Fortress of Trent and the First World War (WWI)
2. realize 3D surveyes and models of military structures
3. integrate and harmonize data and models
4. realize end-products such as a paper map, a webGIS and an App for mobile devices.

WebGIS results:

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