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The project will focus on mass movements and particularly on landslides. LEMONADE (LandslidE MOnitoriNAnd Data intEgration) has 3 main objectives: (1) Analyse advantages and disadvantages of remote and proximal sensing methods for landslide observations, (2) Develop and validate a methodology to integrate data and sensors for enhanced  landslide monitoring and risk mitigation, (3) Validate the methodology on three test sides located in Trentino, South Tyrol and Tyrol. The interregional and interdisciplinary project consortium incorporates research groups with expertise in the field of 3D surveying, remote sensing, 3D modelling, geoinformatics, landslide research and geomorphology. The project methodologies will be validated in three test sites with the collaboration of the regional authorities. The outcomes of the project will aid the development of novel approaches for landslide monitoring, a data fusion methodology – reusable also in other fields of application – as well as an open-access best-practice handbook for end-users.



Final project meeting:

The final project meeting of LEMONADE will take place on 23rd of April 2018 in Bozen, Italy - PROGRAM.

National news:



Representative Publications:

- Zieher, T., Toschi, I., Remondino, F., Rutzinger, M., Kofler, Ch., Mejia-Aguilar, A. & Schlögel, R., 2018: Sensor- and scene-guided integration of TLS and photogrammetric point clouds for landslide monitoring. Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLII-2, pp. 1243-1250

- Darvishi, M., Cuzzo, G., Schlögel, R., Kofler, C., Steger, S., Zieher, T., Toschi, I., Rutzinger, M., Remondino, F. & Bruzzone, L., 2018: Improvement of multi-temporal interferometry combining Sentinel-1A/B for monitoring two active landslides in the Italian and Austrian Alps. In: Geophysical Research Abstracts.(EGU2018-14796)

- Rutzinger, M., Zieher, T., Pfeiffer, J., Schlögel, R., Darvishi, M., Toschi, I., Remondino, F., 2017: Evaluating synergy effects of combined close-range and remote sensing  techniques for the monitoring of a deep-seated landslide (Schmirn, Austria). EGU Geophysical Abstracts, Vienna, Austria, Vol. 19, EGU2017-6393-3

- Schlögel, R., Darvishi, M., Cuozzo, g., Kofler, c., Rutzinger, M., Zieher, T., Toschi, I., Remondino, F., 2017: Sentinel-1 and ground-based sensors for a continuous monitoring of the Corvara landslide kinematic (South Tirol, Italy). EGU Geophysical Abstracts, Vienna, Austria, Vol. 19, EGU2017-12913

Schlögel, R., Thiebes, B., Darvishi, M., Kofler, C., Remondino, F., Toschi, I., Rutzinger, M. & Zieher, T., 2016: Sensor data integration for landslide monitoring – the LEMONADE concept. 4th World Landslide Forum. Lublijana, Slovenia

Thiebes, B., Tomelleri, E., Aguilar, A., Schlögel, R., Darvishi, M., Remondino, F., Toschi, I., Rutzinger, M., Zieher, T., 2016: UAV-based landslide deformation monitoring – first results from Corvara landslide. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 18, EGU2016-12115-2, 2016 EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria

2 years (2016-2018)