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Dinosaur footprints

Project researchers

The interdisciplinary project seeks a methodology for the digital surveying and documentation of dinosaur tracks in the Trentino’s alpine areas. Photogrammetry and laser scanning are employed to fulfill all the surveying and geo-paleontological needs and achieve digital 3D models of single footprints or long tracks.
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Representative publications:

- Remondino, F., Rizzi, A., Girardi, Petti, F., S. Avanzini, M., 2010: 3D Ichnology – Recovering digital 3D models of dinosaur footprints. The Photogrammetric Record, Vol. 25(131), pp. 266–282

2 years (2009-2011)

Natural Science Museum in Trento

Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)
Research topics: