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The aim is to reproduce precise digital replicas of some of the beautiful etruscan tombs located in different archaeological areas - Tarquinia and Cerveteri (UNESCO sites), Vulci, Chiusi, Perugia, etc. - using reality-based 3D surveying methodologies. The final photo-realistic 3D models, coupled with multi-spectral studies on the frescoes and panoramic images, will be used to allow the complete virtual visit of the heritages which are now not always accessible or maybe visible only through a glass door.

The project includes also the generation of a 3D model of the Sarcophagus of the Spouses.

Most of the results of the project were used for a multimedia and travelling exhibition in Europe - see the promo of the exhibition in Bruxelles. Read about the exhibition press realeses.
The 3D modeling products were used to realize a movie which took part in the XX and XXII International Festival of the Archaeological Cinema.




Representative publications:
- Remondino, F., Rizzi, A., Jimenez Fernandez-Palacios, B., Agugiaro, G., Baratti, G., De Amicis, R., 2011: The Etruscan in 3D: from space to underground. Geoinformatics FCE CTU Journal, vol. 6, pp. 283-290, Prague, Czech Republic.


- Bartoccini tomb:

- Reliefs tomb:

- Bettini tomb:

- Auguri tomb:

Caccia e Pesca / Hanting & Fisching:

- Sarcophagus of the Spouse (1):

- Sarcophagus of the Spouse (2):

5 years (2009-2014)

Historia, Superintendence per i Beni Archeologici dell’Etruria Meridionale, HistoriaGraphitechNoReal, Art-Test, and CINECA

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