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The Cubist sculpture "Head of a Woman (Fernande)" is an icon of modern art. Authorised models of the head were "sold" from 1909 by the famous art dealer Amboise Vollard, who had acquired the rights from Picasso himself. Vollard and his heirs have never revealed the number of created bronze sculptures, the name of bronze casting foundries and the period of production. Aim of this project is to provide support with the most advanced and modern surveying and modelling techniques for a comparative and systematic study of different models of "Fernande". Laser scanning and photogrammetric surveys are carried out in important museums all around the world (Tate Modern in London, MoMa and Metropolitan Museum in New York, National Gallery of Art and Hirshhorn Museum in Washintion D.C., Museum Berggruen in Berlin). In-depth analyses and inspections of the derived digital 3D models are performed to highlight peculiarities and distinctive elements of the different casting techniques. A final discussion is planned with Diana Picasso, who is compiling a catalogue of sculptures by his grandfather and "Picasso Administration".

2 years
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