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STEM (Sistema di Telerilevamento e Monitoraggio del Territorio e dell'Ambiente Trentino / Remote Sensing tool for monitoring landscape and environment in the Trentino region) is a multidisciplinary project with the aim of using Remote Sensing data and machine learning techniques to map and classify the environment for monitoring purposes. Particularly STEM aims at implementing algorithms and tools for the efficient processing of remotely sensed data (orthoimages) for forestry and agricultural applications. All the implemented tools are integrated in an open-source GIS software using a dedicated plug-in. The final supervised product is dedicated to public administration technicians allowing easy and transparent classification of wide areas and their simple query to define the land use and in particular the plantation typologies. 

Representative Publications:
Nex, F., Delucchi, L., Gianelle, D., Neteler,M., Remondino, F., Dalponte, M., 2015: Land cover classification and monitoring: the STEM open source solution. European Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 48, pp. 811-831, doi: 10.5721/EuJRS20154845


2 years (2013-2015)

TRILOGIS, MARSEC, E. Mach Foundation (FEM)

Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)